This year for Christmas, I didn't really ask for anything nor did I really want anything from anyone. I think I am getting to that age now where I would much prefer to give out presents, than receive them. To me Christmas is spending time with loved ones and cherishing moments with those who matter to you the most. That and enjoying the lovely traditional Christmas dinner that I always look forward to the most, who doesn't love a good Christmas roast? It's always a great excuse to fill yourself up on all those wonderful Christmas goodies, whether it would be a cheese board, wine, chocolate, biscuits, crackers, anything that is edible in my eyes! I won't lie, I have pigged out like crazy and I have really enjoyed myself and personally, I think it has gone way to fast. But being 28 years old, it's not about getting up at 4am and waking the parents up to open presents. It's all about waking up to the one person who I love and being able to spend time with my family.

I have been really grateful for the presents that I have received this year, as for someone who didn't ask for anything, I really did get a shock when opening them. There were a couple off my mum that I had already knew about as one of them were a joint present between me and Matt, as it is something that we did want and possibly (need?) - a Tassimo coffee machine. But everything else really were bought and received with so much thought behind them. Especially what Matt had got me - he got me a couple of presents to open, as there are a couple in the New Year that he is going to buy for me - a vape pen and a new pair of boots.

The presents of which you cannot see in the picture is the Tassimo coffee machine, as mentioned above which was a joint present for me and Matt off my Mum. My Grandad had also given me some money in a card, which I didn't really want to take a photo of, as I feel as though it would be bragging slightly and that is not in my nature. There is also a statue which his Sister and Brother-in-Law had bought us, but we received this later after Boxing Day. Then a card and some money off his Brother and Sister-in-Law which we are all very grateful for!

As you can see, there is a pair of slippers, trainers, a bag and a purse which are all cruelty free and faux fur/leather for all my fellow vegans and cruelty free bloggers out there. These are all the gifts of which my mum had bought me, although it is a 'Ted Baker' bag, fear not, it is not the real deal. Although naughty in some aspect, I feel as though I can have nice things, just without the cruelty behind it, so I don't feel as guilty.

Matt had purchased me two absolutely gorgeous Pandora charms which have lovely meanings behind them. He knows how much I really wanted to go to Florida and how much I really adored it when I was there, I was so excited and I really wish I could go again. So he bought me a Mickey Mouse charm, which would remind me of Florida 2017 and our trip together forever. He also knows that I have an obsession with all dogs, if I see a dog I have to pet them, he will always point out poochies to me on the street or if we're in the car and will always tags me in videos of them. So he purchased me a poochie Pandora charm, which is so sweet. Matt knows me far too well!

I love seeing what everyone had got for Chrismas and I hope everyone got everything that they wanted! Link me to your posts/videos if you have any.

I hope you all have a lovely New Year x