Slimming World 2018 Slimming World 2018
Slimming World is one of them lifestyle choices that the whole world thinks is only for those who want to lose weight (you do have to have at least half a stone to lose to join), any less than this and they will not let you join as it can be detrimental to your health. But, once you have reached your target weight, the lifestyle and plan helps you to maintain the healthy weight that you are at. It helps you look at food in a healthy way, rather than focusing on what you CAN'T have - it is not seen as a diet, as it is a plan that you can follow for the rest of your life and if you want to have a treat in between, then you can! You don't always have to be 100%, so if you haven't stuck to it during the week, don't beat yourself up about it. It is all about enjoying food and the best part I like about it is, the cooking from scratch homemade meals and recipes. I like to just get stuck in and plan some meal prep ideas for the week ahead.

I am all for being body positive and confident in your own skin, but that doesn't always mean you are not allowed to change yourself, for any reason. Everyone has their own path or journey that they want to follow - it sometimes is really annoying when someone or anyone tells you what you can or can't do in regards to your own body. If you want to lose weight or not lose weight, that is fine. It is someones own personal choice. You do not have to read or follow that persons journey, just scroll past. It just gets really exhausting when there is constant negativity over another persons CHOICE to do what they want to their own body. I can understand some companies do feed off others insecurities, but it is not always the case for all. In regards to Skinny Coffee or anything of the like, I am happy to see the back of and have left in 2017. Also, not everyone who healthy eats wants to lose weight, they just want to add more nutrients and healthy foods into their life, so don't judge and you just do you.

Slimming World 2018
The best part about the lifestyle is being able to create my own dishes. I do sometimes follow recipes, but I like being able to hold the reigns and decide what goes into my food. It is me that has the taste the food in the end, right? I like choosing what flavours I like and mixing and tasting them until I have come up with something that I enjoy and know I will definitely eat again. It is super interesting doing Slimming World as a vegan because I am always recreating dishes that I would have previously made with meat and finding alternative ingredients to make the dish vegan. I can sometimes come up with what I want to eat on the spot or will have to plan ahead and make sure that the ingredients are available before hand. It is quite satisfying knowing that I have 100% full control over what goes into my body and being able to eat treats without seeing food as 'bad' or feeling guilty afterwards. I can still devour and have junk food as part of my diet because it is always everything in moderation. You want that donut? You eat that donut, treat yourself.

I had bought a magnetic shopping list/meal planner from online to put onto my fridge, so I can keep a track of meals that I have made or planned to eat that week. There is also space to add a shopping list, so you can write down the items that you need to buy more of or to buy for a recipe that you have in mind. A note section which I sometimes use to track my losses, so I have something that is visual, apart from what is inside my Slimming World book, which remains hidden until I go in to get weighed. I also find that the food diaries inside the planner really help too, to keep track of what I have eaten and to double make sure that I am eating lots of fruit or vegetables - which I am aiming on, as well as drinking more water. I just want to feel better in myself and have a lot more energy than what I currently have.

Want to eat healthier, but don't want to ditch the carbs? 
I would recommend Slimming World, built for those who want to lose weight and maintain their healthy weight loss target.