As of January 2018 any items/products that have been gifted or sent to me in consideration for a review will be marked with (*) and a disclaimer added to the end of a post marking items as such. This will include paid for sponsored posts/placements and infographics.

Any items/products that are sent to be in consideration for a review will always have my 100% honest opinion. If I do not like an item or an item doesn't work for me, I will explain why the product didn't work for me. Otherwise, I will choose not to feature the product on my blog at all. But, I like to be honest with my readers.

I will only accept items to review on my blog, if I feel it is something that I would purchase myself. I will now be returning items that I feel that are not suited for either myself or my blog as I think this is only fair to not only myself and my readers, but for the companies that spend time to send out the items/products themselves. All I ask is for the postage to be covered and I willbe happy to send these back!

I do get sent a few 'free items' to review on my blog, but I do not allow this to change my opinion of a product or sway my thoughts in anyway at all. I will always remain completely unbiased and will allow myself time to review a product, until I feel satisfied that I am ready to review a product. I will allow myself at least 2 - 4 weeks to review any item, unless otherwise stated. I will sometimes allow myself longer with skincare, so I am able to see if a product works properly. I will not post a review of an item, unless I feel ready to do so.

I do earn money from my blog in the form of sponsored posts/advertisements, this is my only earnings from my blog as I do not have advertisement placements. The only advertisements I will place ae in the form of infographics, but will only include these if I feel it will benefit my readers.