Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Starting From The Beginning

I have been mulling over whether or not to start fresh with my blog and go back to the beginning. Ever since I have changed my domain name and 're-branded' who I am as a blogger and the content I wanted to write about, my old content became stale and weren't happy with what I had posted previously. The old content did not mesh well with what I am like as a person and what my creativity styles are like when it boils down to post content and how I wanted my blog to be like in general. I want to be myself when I write my posts and try to figure out my own writing style - to be more personal to me and try reflect who I am and not sound like I am just churning out content for the sake of it.

There are bloggers who I find help with inspiring content; I have fallen in love with their fashion styles, their writing prose and photography, the blog theme they have chosen and their overall social media presence. Although I do like to be inspired, I also do not want it to influence my writing style or how I come across on my blog. I want to be genuine, 100% honest, the Jess who says it like it is and have a more personal approach when it comes to my blog, writing, style and social media. Not be the person who sounds like everyone else and doesn't stand out from the crowd - how boring would that be?

When I started fresh with a brand new domain and new domain provider, I knew that my Domain Authority would go back down to 1, as it hasn't established itself amongst the search engines yet and with having no content for the spiders to crawl through, there are no links or images for Moz OSE to pick up yet. But it gives me a fresh base to build upon and make sure those broken links are kept at bay. I will be able to make sure that I have thoroughly checked my content before posting and making sure that it is SEO friendly, adding any ALT image tags or adding a no-follow to links for PR posts, etc.

I had said at the start of the year that I would be concentrating more on my blog and trying to juggle everything else in-between; with doing a university course, working full time, blogging and having a social life all at the same time, it starts making you feel bogged down and that's when the 'churned out for the sake of it posts', come out and I want to try and at least be consistent with my posting and not feeling forced to get content out there just because I have not had time to update recently. I want to see blogging as something that I enjoy and that I'm passionate about, rather than just being an on the side hobby that was created for fun.

I love to put across my thoughts and opinions, letting people know what I think about certain topics and products and what better way to do that by taking photos, creating blog posts and getting my content out there to those who want to or would like to read it. I can't wait to be able to come up with fresh and new blog post ideas, but being happy with what I have created at the same time. As in the past I have looked at my images and thought, I could retake these images as they are not something that I am proud of.

So yeah, that is the general gist behind why I wanted to start from scratch! I hope you will enjoy the content that I will be posting and understand the reasoning as to why I wanted to do this.

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