Thursday, 2 August 2018

Starting A Degree At 27 Years Old

The Open University
I think it is the general consensus that most people by the age of 18 will attend University as soon as they have completed higher education. But for me this was not the case due to dropping out of both Sixth Form and College after a short few months deciding that it really just wasn't for me. I attended University of Northumbria for a year studying Mental Health Nursing, but again I decided that the course isn't really what I wanted to do, living away from home at that age made me really homesick and after a year I left and returned home without even completing the course.

Some people may think that this is just down to laziness and not wanting to work hard for what you want, but it isn't for everyone and although I do love education, I don't think a structured routine of attending classes or going on placements was for me. I like to work at my own pace and sometimes it can feel like you need to try and keep up, rather than being able to work at your own level. This is when I decided to look into doing a course from home with The Open University, where you can learn at your own pace, all materials are delivered to your door, your tutor is just an email or phone call away, your classes are online (if you want to attend) and you even submit your assignments online too.

Right now I am 28 years old, I started my degree in October 2016 and I would have been 27 years old when I started. I have completed my first module with a pass and I am now studying another 2 modules side by side, which I should be completed by this year. Although I have struggled a little with getting assignments completed, I have found it very enjoyable with being able to learn from home, write my assignments from my own bed and not being forced with having to complete work at a certain time, I can learn at my own pace but only sticking to a certain deadline for assignments.

I find that having the option of being able to complete a degree at your own pace very intriguing and you don't even have to have any GCSE's or A Levels to complete the courses. I most certainly don't have any A Levels and I am studying BA Hons Business Management, I did take the marketing route, but now I am thinking of changing to the standard route, only because there are exams involved and I would much rather do an assignment that is marked as an exam, rather than attending an exam to answer questions, if that makes sense?

I am now embarking on a journey and about to start my second year of University after finding out I have passed all my modules in my first year, how exciting! I am looking forward to where the future may take me with this and I am so glad I gave my older self a second chance, considering I'm nearly 29 years old.

If you are ever looking into starting a degree or choosing to do a module through Open University. Feel free to email me or drop me a tweet @thejessvolumes and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

J x

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  1. I looked into studying at the open university but then decided to actually go to uni, although its local to me which means I haven't had to leave home (which was my main concern). It sounds like such a great path to take and definitely something more people should look into in my opinion!

    Lucy | Forever September


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