Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Hair Detangling with the Pop Fold Pink Wet Brush.

Hair Detangling With The Pop Fold Pink Wet Brush.
My hair although very short can be the knottiest hair to comb or brush through. I can be sitting there brushing my hair ready to blow dry and instead I'll be ripping chunks out of my hair because it has become so entangled that it refuses to work with me. I have tried everything, from fine combining to using a flat head brush and even deep conditioning my hair, it will still find a way to fight against me and I'm a little bit scared of going bald (I'm not going bald). The only comb that has worked is now my boyfriends beard brush, so I needed to find something new that would help me not go through a constant battle.

Hair Detangling With The Pop Fold Pink Wet Brush. Hair Detangling With The Pop Fold Pink Wet Brush.
With the original Classic Detangler being a standard brush with bristles and a handle, the Pop and Go detangler is convenient for on the go detangles with a foldable handle and a push release button to help open the brush and protect the bristles when it is closed; can easily be stored away in your handbag when you are out and about and can also be travel friendly too. The brush comes in an array of various different colours to please any customer.

The Wet Brush also has a mini counterpart which is able to be attached to a keyring, if you don't feel like taking the full-size version out with you or would be perfect for children. As the brush contains ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles, it allows the brush to glide through the hair with easy without causing painful detangling and takes the time and hard labour away from using a normal everday brush. It allows you to cause less damage to your hair, so no split ends or missing hair!

Hair Detangling With The Pop Fold Pink Wet Brush.
I use this brush everytime I dry my hair, it is less time consuming and it makes brushing my hair a little bit more enjoyable than I would when using a normal brush. I take it with me when I go away and it allows my hair to dry a lot faster, even when I have pre-dried my hair with a towel, as my hair can get quite knotty after that. This is definitely a life saver and is my go-to, I can't see myself using any other brush after I've washed my hair. I'm quite glad that it came into my life!

You can buy the Pop Fold Pink Wet Brush (£13.99) here.

*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples and is in collaboration with Wet Brush UK. 

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